Want to decrease expenses and increase profits
or service outcomes? Invest in employee retention,
engagement and team building to decrease
turnover and training costs and increase
effectiveness of communication.

With the right plans of attraction, appreciation and team building, organizations can have an engaged and long-term staff force.

Trying to engage your employees?
Trying to build better work teams?
Trying to develop your talent?

Let me help you.

Ways I Can Help Organizations

Coaching Managers:

On how to understand, communicate with and engage their team.

Hiring Appropriate Staff:

Hiring and onboarding staff to build a strong, committed, effective and profitable team.

Employee Retention:

Develop a program to decrease turnover through assessment, revision and implementation of interviewing, onboarding and engagement programs.

Team Building:

Experiences to develop emotional intelligence of staff and improved professional relationships.

Employee Engagement:

Experiences to decrease turnover and increase engagement.

Benefits of working with me:


Breathe Easy

I understand the needs, challenges and opportunities of my organization. I know I will deliver on what I promised. I am no longer alone in decreasing staffing costs and increasing productivity through staff engagement.


It’s OK

I am experienced, skilled, and resonate with all levels of an organization. I use tried and true tools for team building and engaging employees while adjusting methods to fit my organizational requirements and goals.


Plan Developed

My staff are better at understanding and communicating with each other. They produce more efficiently and more effectively. My employees are engaged or I have a plan for decreasing turnover, and increasing retention and engagement.

Personality Dimensions™ Results in Employees:

Understanding their own strengths and weaknesses

Recognizing and understanding the strengths and preferences of others

Improving communications and interpersonal relationships

Realizing that “differences” are not faults but gifts

Understanding individual preferences, styles and temperament types

Recognizing their own unique blend of strength and qualities

Learning to appreciate others’ differences

Use their knowledge of self and others to improve interpersonal relationships

who you are MATTERS!™

Is a guided self-discovery experience which is fun and quickly develops trust between employees who didn’t initially know each other.

Is a facilitated professional and personal development experience.

Is a guided employee development and team building experience which results in actionable talent development plans.

Click the link below to learn about my workshops.

Return On Investment Increases:






a personalized career statement

specific possibilities for your future

feedback to help you take inspired action

a BS-free action plan

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses

Recognize and understand the strengths and preferences of others

Improve communications and interpersonal relationships

Realize that “differences” are gifts, not faults

Understand individual preferences, styles and temperament types

Recognize your own unique blend of strength and qualities

Learn to appreciate others’ differences

Use your knowledge of self and others to improve interpersonal relationships

– Howard Bloom

Sarah-Jane collaborated with our senior leadership team to develop an HR strategy to effectively hire and onboard numerous employees for our organization while developing a culture of retention. Her support and skills were invaluable for reaching our organization’s goal to hire a skilled and committed staff team.

- Dr. Howard Bloom

Founder, Blooming Acres

– Gill Tillman, Couchiching Jubilee House

As a Board member, I recommended Sarah-Jane to our not-for-profit staff members. In a time of transition, there was need for increased team work and delineation of roles. Sarah-Jane used a Board Game as her primary tool with the staff. Fortunately, the staff encouraged me to join in the process. Not only did we learn about one another as staff, we became more friendly a group as people. We acknowledged the strengths and appreciation for others, and in turn were told what qualities other team members thought we brought to the table. Sarah-Jane gave us the gift of trust, and in turn confidence to move ahead as a more cohesive and communicative team. I commend Sarah-Jane for her listening skills, her ability to keep a team focused, and especially her relaxed demeanour that creates the foundation for the work to be done. Your team will only benefit from Sarah-Jane’s work.
- Gill Tillman

Couchiching Jubilee House

– Kaytlyn Young, Human Resources Manager, Blooming Acres

Sarah-Jane recruited me, onboarded me, and helped to support my transition into Blooming Acres/Apple Blossom Village as the new HR Manager. She is a ray of sunshine that kept me going throughout multiple challenges. With her support 60+ direct staff were hired for the organization. This included recruitment, onboarding, and safety training. Hundreds of interviews were conducted and she represented the organization with expertise and passion. All of this through the new challenges of COVID-19. She focused heavily on the customer/employee experience and improved it immensely. Her energy and positivity shone through for our candidates, employees, and our team. She is insightful, empathetic, and engaging and I wouldn’t be here without her! 
- Kaytlyn Young

Human Resources Manager, Blooming Acres

– Courtney Willis, Development Coordinator, Couchiching Jubilee House

Sarah-Jane’s leadership of “Who You Are Matters” team building workshop was compelling, insightful and succeeded in strengthening relationships among our non-profit team. She expertly navigated some challenging questions from our group while also offering thought-provoking and strategic concepts and perspectives for us to consider and explore. Her positivity is infectious and it’s been a joy to work and network with her. Courtney Willis, Development Coordinator, Couchiching Jubilee House
- Courtney Willis

Former Development Coordinator , Couchiching Jubilee House

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