I believe we all have a calling – a reason we are here on this earth at this time – a way we can serve the world. We all have strengths and talents that make us feel strong and magnificent when we use them. While everything that we need to thrive is within us, sometimes we need assistance to articulate who we truly are, what we desire deeply and how we can produce or attract an income taking these items into account.

Career Decision Making is a process which follows a clear cycle when we are intentional about thriving. When we understand career is not a destination but a cumulative total of all that we have contributed and that it involves repeated cycles, we open ourselves to sanity, creativity, and joy.

I’m Sarah-Jane VandenBerg, a published author and popular facilitator, with over 25 years experience with individuals in difficult and transitioning circumstances. I’ve empowered thousands of people to make successful life changing career decisions. My strengths of seeing possibilities, being intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals, and of communicating, enable me to focus on you having a fun, enlightening and effective experience. I’m known for my humorous and realistic approach in sharing my knowledge and wisdom.

My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to internationally motivate massive numbers of people to live their life’s purpose and passion. Thriving through changes in employers, industries and myself, I looks forward to working with you and your organization as a career coach, team builder, employee engager, presenter or keynote speaker.


SPIRITUALITY – We are connected to the Divine and each other. We are here to serve a purpose. We are unique and needed. We are a combination of external and internal needs and desires.

CREATIVITY – There are many possible solutions and ways of looking at a situation. Being imaginative, intelligent, expressive, capable and broadminded are critical.

AUTHENTICITY – By being who we truly are, we honour our unique talents and strengths. We are all perfectly imperfect works in progress.

HONESTY – By being truthful about who we are, where we are at in life, our challenges and opportunities, our desires and dreams, we can be effective in creating a life we love.

List of Credentials

Social Work Certificate

Bachelor of Arts, University of Waterloo

Holistic Narrative Career Professional

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator

Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator

who you are MATTERS!™ Facilitator

The COPSystem (Career Occupational Preference System)

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Myths & Truths of Work


Your income will steadily increase with each job.


You are likely to experience a rollercoaster income, with lows and highs.