As a Board member, I recommended Sarah-Jane to our not-for-profit staff members. In a time of transition, there was need for increased team work and delineation of roles. Sarah-Jane used a Board Game as her primary tool with the staff. Fortunately, the staff encouraged me to join in the process. Not only did we learn about one another as staff, we became more friendly a group as people. We acknowledged the strengths and appreciation for others, and in turn were told what qualities other team members thought we brought to the table. Sarah-Jane gave us the gift of trust, and in turn confidence to move ahead as a more cohesive and communicative team. I commend Sarah-Jane for her listening skills, her ability to keep a team focused, and especially her relaxed demeanour that creates the foundation for the work to be done. Your team will only benefit from Sarah-Jane’s work.
- Gill Tillman

Couchiching Jubilee House