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Sarah-Jane VandenBerg, a published author and popular facilitator, with over 25 years experience with individuals in difficult and transitioning circumstances, has empowered thousands of people to make successful life changing career decisions. Her strengths of seeing possibilities, being intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals, and of communicating enable her to focus on you having a fun, enlightening and effective experience. She is known for her humorous and realistic approach in sharing her knowledge and wisdom.
October 16, 2020
What do I mean by “Career Crown”? Well, let’s look at the what, where, why, when and who of the crown of a tree to answer that question.
The crown of the tree is the top of the tree and contains the branches, leaves, fruit, flowers and reproductive parts of the tree. The parts of the crown have various functions which include:

  • Producing nutrients that the tree needs
  • Filtering dust from the air
  • Protecting the soil at the bottom of the tree from excessive erosion due to rainfall
  • Reproduces seeds for animals to eat and other trees to grow.

    In light of our pandemic world, many of us are examining how we are making a living and the functions of the crown of a tree can provide us with useful questions to consider.

    Does our career:

    • Produce what it needs to be sustainable?
    • Filter unnecessary elements so that others can survive and thrive?
    • Protects who we are?
    • Provides a legacy/makes a contribution to the world?

      If it does, awesome! If you can’t answer positively to one or more of these questions, that’s ok as you now have a place to start to invigorate your career. What do you need to do today?

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