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Sarah-Jane VandenBerg, a published author and popular facilitator, with over 25 years experience with individuals in difficult and transitioning circumstances, has empowered thousands of people to make successful life changing career decisions. Her strengths of seeing possibilities, being intrigued by the unique qualities of individuals, and of communicating enable her to focus on you having a fun, enlightening and effective experience. She is known for her humorous and realistic approach in sharing her knowledge and wisdom.
October 2, 2020

What do I mean by “Career Roots”? Well, let’s look at the what, where, why, when and who of roots to answer that question.

Roots are the organs of a tree that grow below the surface. Organs perform specific functions. Roots have two jobs – to anchor the tree to the earth and to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Roots are the first part of the tree to develop from a seed. All trees have roots.

What do roots have to do with careers? As we all adjust to our pandemic world, many of us are looking at how we are making a living. One of the places we can consider is the roots of our work and questions begin to surface.

Given that roots are the first part of a tree to develop, what are the roots of our career? How did we get here? Do these roots anchor and feed our careers? Sometimes, we chose a career based on inaccurate information or for reasons that no longer resonate with us. That’s ok. Our current career choice doesn’t need to be an end; we can pivot/grow. If our careers are no longer feeding us – literally or figuratively – that’s ok. By recognizing our desire to provide physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for ourselves and our families, we can begin to entertain changes we need to make to allow our careers can feed us.

Consider what Heatherash Amara says in her book called Warrior Goddess Training:

“A well-balanced tree has deep, grounded roots that go into the earth like a grounding rod. A tree’s roots are both its stability and its source of nutrition. The deeper and wider the roots, the more resilient and anchored the tree will be, and the more likely it is to survive changes in the environment, such as high winds or drought.

For example, when Hurrican Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in one of the worst natural disasters in US history, 150-year-old homes along the shoreline of Biloxi, Mississippi, were picked up by the waves and swept inland serval miles. When the storm was over, the only thing left standing along the shoreline were the cypress trees, which were so grounded that even the 120-mile-per-hour winds couldn’t topple them.”

Are the roots of your career providing you with the stability and nutrition you need to thrive in today’s world?

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